Types of Mattress springs

Bonnell Mattress

Bonnell Mattress is an open coil sprung mattress see image above which is stationary sprung method which is a tradiational style spring

system used
Bonnell springs are the most commonly used springs in most entry-level mattresses. They’re the most traditional and have an hourglass shape. So they’re wider at the bottom and top – at their smallest in the middle. The connection is made with metal to create the spring.
It was very popular in the previous century, but now most mattress manufacturers have switched to making mattresses with either foam or different types of springs.
The springs work well for providing support, but the system is a bit outdated. And some people might experience discomfort and pain when sleeping for a long period of time on Bonnell springs.
Thel springs are manufactured by heating steel and bending it into the correct shape. After that, multiple springs are connected to create the entire Bonnell spring. This is than wrapped in the bedding, and there you’ve got the spring mattress.
It’s mostly used to make the lower layers of the mattress, since it’s not too comfortable on its own. However, it makes for a solid base if you then top the springs with foam, cotton or wool for more comfort.

Pocket Spring

A pocket spring mattress contains individual springs which are sewn into their own pocket of fabric. A pocket spring mattress will typically have a higher spring count than other types of mattresses and these individual springs work completely independently from one another.in return gives better support as if one person turns other person is not effected as in the case of bonnell spring mattress also the above video on pocket spring to give in depth idea of the mattress types 

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